Porch Pirates

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After watching the Youtuber, Mark Rober, create glitter bombs for the local porch pirates in his area! It just made me more aware of the precautions we should all take during our online shopping, especially during the holidays. It surprises me how bold people are with just walking on your porch and stealing your packages, that you spent your hard earned money on. In this blog, I will inform you on safeguards that could potentially help reduce anxiety of holiday online shopping.


Invest in a video security system.

Surveillance your home.

During the pandemic, online shopping has increased entirely since most states were forced to quarantine. Which means more thieves are lurking around in your neighborhood waiting to steal your package right off of your doorstep! I would suggest a video camera system so that you can see what’s happening . There are so many to choose from, so pick what best fits your budget!


Set a pickup/ delivery time/location.

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Scheduling a pickup time and/or location can help reduce thieves from stealing your packages. Set a time to be there for your delivery. If you mostly order with Amazon, I know they have lockers that you can send your packages to especially if the item is expensive. Or just choose the option of picking up in the store. These are just one of the safer alternatives to retrieving your packages before a porch pirate runs off with it.

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All in all, this article was to help bring awareness that not only does packages get lost in the united states postal service but also could be stolen right off of your porch as soon as its delivered. If you receive a package that is not yours, then be a good Samaritan and give it to the right receiver. For the porch pirates out there, someone will always be watching you when you are doing something wrong.


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