Here’s a quick way to solve the Crabs in a Barrel Problem!

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crab pulling another crab back in the barrel.

“If I can’t have it, neither can you”


Do you feel like others are jealous of your rewards? Do every time you receive something rewarding, others either beg or do not congratulate you? Do you constantly feel like you can not get out the situation that you are in? Do you want to prosper but can not seem to get ahead? Are you currently in a circle of people or friends who has nothing going for themselves but gossiping? Did you receive a new job or blessing and no one seem to be happy for you? Then my friend you might be a crab trapped in a barrel.


Well, of course not physically, but mentally. The crab in the barrel phrase is a mentality that implies upon impoverished community where one person is starting to get ahead. The collective community becomes jealous so they find a way to pull that person back down to the community’s level. Now so many of us who have left the communities that we were raised in could relate, especially if you grew up in a poor neighborhood. There are many that never move out of their neighborhood that they grew up in and those people could have that crab in the barrel mentality. Those people would try to discourage you from leaving. Most times, they do not have anything exciting or new in their lives


Sometimes, poverty becomes the state of mind from people like this. Who said you have to stay in a community that lacks financial resources or essentials for a minimum standard of living. There is so much opportunity in the world for a community of people to be hung up on the one person that finally makes it out. With all of the energy consumed to bring you down, they could have use it for something else.

“How do we escape the crabs in the barrel?”

So the question is, “How do we escape the crabs in the barrel?” I am here to tell you to get far far away and do not look back. If you have plans and dreams that succeed others around you, then fulfill your destiny. Do not let others deter you from your goals. Your destiny belongs to you and no one else gets to control that but you. I almost allowed the crabs in the barrel to control my life until I woke up one day and realized they were trying to take advantage of me. Please do not give up on yourself because of what others have to say about it. They are distractions that want to keep you down and depressed. Keep your head up during the difficult time of change and be excited for the future. You cannot see ahead but you will most likely thank yourself for making that change.


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