BBL Stigma: Dangerous Cons.

patient being injected with silicone.

Disclaimer: The Pictures shown below could be graphic. I am not a medical professional. The advice given is for informational purposes only.

The Brazilian Butt Lift, known as BBL, has become the most popular trending plastic surgery procedure across social media today. The women and/or men seeking to gain the curvaceous and plump derrieres has this trend rapidly growing to 18 billion views on Tiktok. The surgery is typically a combination of liposuction and fat grafting but lately I have found out there are more deadlier procedures being done to obtain the same image. Today I will be informing you the reasons of why I am against the plastic surgery procedure and why you should change your mind about getting it done, if you are interested.


The first reason is every time you get on the surgery table, you are taking a rise with your life. You never know what will happen once you go under anthesia. How do you know for certain if the operating surgurical instruments are sterile. There are many surgical complications that could occur such as blood clotting disorders, any cardiovascular issues, and many more deadly ones not listed here. Your own research is necessary before coming to a decision. If you are a mother, whom have had high-risk pregnancies, you might want to consider getting this procedure done because it is indeed high-risk.

botched surgery

Before even being able to get the surgery, you have to get medical clearance from your general practitioner. Definitely should be a healthy adult, meaning already dieting and exercising to the target weight of the CDC.


There are so many woman getting the illegal injections done with uncertified people. People offering to do the procedure in a place that is not a certified surgery center or hospital such as a hotel, basement, or their own home, you should not even consider going there. These people do not have knowledge of the proper procedure nor do they have the sterile instruments needed to perform the surgery.

bbl gone wrong, patient had to get another surgery to get it corrected

Tune into the podcast to hear the rest of the cons for getting the Brazilian butt lifts surgery. I hope this change the minds of many.

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