Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

I have been eating sweet potato pie for over 20 years now and I have to say by far this is the best one I have had ever! Ms. Patti, if you can hear me, thank you for a delicious and consistent pie every year. I am not a pumpkin pie eater but I enjoy eating a whole sweet potato pie to myself if it’s made by Patti.

Now i have surfed the web for the recipe because her pie is always sold out at Wal-Mart. You have to get there early enough to get this pie, y’all! Now if for some reason you get to the store and it’s not there then here is a link to the recipe and you could try to make it yourself. Follow the recipe exactly to get the same result.

Once you try this pie, you will not look anywhere else for a sweet potato pie. Now everyone that makes sweet potato pie thinks theirs are the best, but many are always lacking or missing an ingredient that doesn’t draw you in for more. Even world- renowned chefs tweaked their own recipes every once in a while.

Here is one of my favorite reactions to someone trying her pie!

Try this pie out and tell me what you think down below!

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